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Learn to drive safely with
Ecole de Conduite Expertise!

Looking for a reliable and affordable driving school to help you get your license? Look no further than

Ecole de Conduite Expertise!

Our experienced instructors will guide you through everything you need to know to become a safe and confident driver.

We offer flexible schedules to accommodate your busy life, and our vehicles are equipped with the latest safety features to ensure your comfort and safety on the road. Plus, our competitive pricing and friendly customer service make us the top choice for driving instruction in Montreal and its surrounding.

Don't wait any longer to get behind the wheel - enroll in Ecole de Conduite Expertise today and take the first step towards your independence and freedom on the road!



 Time is set later according to your and our schedule 

For Car Rent for Exam:

There is no expiration time for the reservation, it will be the whole exam time.
The reservation day & time are flexible.

Laval: You have to call us to set an appointment to get the car.

Montreal: You have to pass by the office to get your reservation approval before you can  get the car from the SAAQ.

For Driving Lessons:

You will receive a call from us to set a suitable time.
The date and time are very flexible.

Our Services

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